Joker poker 3 hand

Joker Poker 3 Hand

Joker Poker 3 Hand is an exciting video poker game with a maximum win of 20,000 coins. Players have the opportunity to play three hands at a time and thus win up to three identical or even different prizes within one session.

Joker Poker 3 hands accepts bets between 0.01 and 1; Players can place anything from 1 to 5 coins per hand. Of course, the number of coins per hand plays a significant role in the total amount of possible winnings.
In addition to the main hand, this video poker variant can be used to play two hands per session. After the first card pack has been dealt, the cards selected for holding are added to the two additional hands. Then the player hits the draw button to display the remaining cards and possible winnings.

Depending on the number of coins, the payout can be between 1 coin and up to 20,000 coins. The lowest paid combination on the game are Kings or Better and 2 pairs that pay between 1 and 5 coins. They are followed by three of a kind, straight and flush; Your maximum pay starts at 5 and goes up to 25.

Next on the list are Full House and four of a kind followed by a Straight Flush and Royal Joker. If you play 5 coins, players can hope for winnings between 30 and 400 coins. Finally, the first three hands-on Joker Poker 3 hands 5 of a kind, Royal Flush and Seq. Royal; While the last pays the 20,000-coin jackpot, the other two pay 750 and 4,000. The Joker is the wild card in this game.

Joker Poker 3 Hand is an entertaining game that rewards video poker fans for their efforts. As far as the graphics are concerned, the choice is nothing special, but their top prize of 20,000 coins makes them certainly on the radar.


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