Online keno is very easy to play. Most online casinos will have a separate area for keno; alternatively, it may be part of a “other games” section, as it does not naturally fit into any of the larger game categories, such as table games or slot machines.

The game is essentially a lottery game with 80 balls, numbered from 1 to 80. Each drawing draws 20 balls, and it is the player’s goal to reach as many of these numbers as possible. As a rule, players can choose between 1 and 15 numbers or “spots”.

Players can pick points before each drawing. In a live keno game, the drawings usually take place every five to ten minutes. In Video Keno or Real Money Keno, you can choose to have drawings as often as you like. Often you can buy tickets (or online, dial numbers) that will be used for the next drawings. This will save you the time to choose the same numbers before each drawing.

The number of points a player must hit to win a prize depends on the casino and the number of spots selected. If the players select a larger number of spots, even prizes may be awarded for the correct selection of zero balls (or other small numbers). The biggest prize is always given to correctly compare all the points the player has selected.

As mentioned earlier, the prices and payouts for keno games can vary widely. Here is an example paytable for a game with 10 spots played. The prices are given on a “for a” basis; The original bet you make to buy a ticket is considered lost. For a $ 1 bet, a 10-point Keno game can pay the following:

Matched 5 spots: $ 2
6 spots: $ 25
7 spots: $ 150
8 spots: $ 1,200
9 spots: $ 10,000
10 spots: $ 100,000

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