Loose deuces

What is Loose Deuces?
The term loose douce refers to a variant of a single player, a five card video poker game. The object of the game is to create the best winning hand from a starting hand of cards by exploiting two as wild cards. Special payouts are triggered for four Deuces, five of a Kind and Wild Royal with Deuces. Usually played online, Loose Deuces is a fast paced poker game where multiple hands can be played simultaneously and double or no bonus rounds can quickly raise the prize pot.
Loose Deuces explains
The goal of Loose Deuces is to build the best poker hand available from the original five-card hand dealt by the dealer. The player opens the game by selecting the number of hands he wants to play in each round and adding his starting balance via chips. The cards are dealt and the player has to decide which hands to keep and which ones to save in the hope of getting better cards in the next round. One cycle of this makes a full round of the game.

As with most poker variations, a player wins if they play one of the following games: a Royal Flush, four Deuces, a wild Royal with Deuces, a F├╝nfling, a Vierling, a three-of-a-kind, straight, flush, full House, straight or flush. The main difference to straight poker is the use of Deuce cards (which are cards with a value of two – the lowest in a standard deck). They become wild cards in Loose Deuces Poker. This means they can be used as a substitute for any other card in the deck, creating new winning hands like wild royals with twos and any quintuplets. The trick is to keep the Deuces cards as long as possible and never discard them, as they can be used instead of any card in the deck to make a winning hand. A player should also discard one of two pairs of cards, as pairs can not win the hand, but three or four matches.

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