Sevens and stripes

Sevens & Stripes

The lucky number seven brings you the way to the online slot game Sevens & Stripes. Just sit back, spin the rollers and watch the classic colors of the Stars and Stripes come to the screen. If you put up a red seven, a white seven and a blue seven in the sequence, you could get a big jackpot that would make you swear allegiance to the game. Play now and bet on the lucky sevens in this simple, 3-reel slot machine.


Select the computer you want to play by clicking the arrows next to the face value. Choose between $ 0.05 and $ 5.00.
The player must add credits to the machine by clicking on the chip denomination he wants to play with, or by clicking on the machine’s coin slot. Any credits can be added up to the full balance of the player account.
To add a credit, click on the coin slot in the lower right corner of the device.
To add multiple credits, click on the chips icons.
The next step is selecting how many credits to spin per spin, but no more than three coins at a time.
The player can press Bet One to play a single balance. By pressing “Bet One” twice, the player can bet two credits at once, and so on, until a maximum of three credits per spin are selected.
To see the payout breakdown, the player can look at the payout table above the reel


Progressive Jackpot

If the player plays from $ 0.05 to $ 0.50, he can win the progressive jackpot.

The progressive jackpot can be won if the player plays three credits and gets a red 7, a white 7 and a blue 7 in that order


Spin Reel – Used to spin the reels and start the game.

Bet One – Used to select the number of credits to spin per spin (up to three credits).

Game 3 Credits – Used to set the maximum number of coins per spin.

Withdrawal – Players should click this button to withdraw their credits and winnings.

Other Rules

Slot Machine Displays

Winner Paid – Displays the player’s win from the last spin.

Credit Window – Displays the number of available credits for the game.

Coins Played – Shows the number of credits put on the spin.

Credit Terms

$ 5 Coin – Add $ 5 credits from the player’s account to the machine.

$ 25 Coin – Adds $ 25 credits from the player’s account to the computer.

$ 100 Coin – Adds $ 100 credits from the player’s account to the computer.

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