Michael Jordan invests in eSport Team Liquid

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26 million! Michael Jordan treats himself to a top team in eSport. Michael Jordan enters the eSports industry. The 55-year-old invests in Team Liquid.

Basketball icon Michael Jordan invests in the eSports industry far away from the NBA. The 55-year-old treats himself to one of the most valuable teams.

Michael Jordan has entered the eSports industry and has invested in Team Liquid. As a shareholder in an investment group, the six-time NBA champion, and owner of Charlotte Hornets is involved in financing the start-up aXiomatic Gaming, in which Team Liquid is under contract. According to the business magazine Forbes, the investment will amount to more than 26 million dollars.

Investor group around Magic Johnson

“I look forward to expanding my sports stock portfolio through my investment in aXiomatic. eSport is a rapidly growing international industry and I am excited to be working with this great group of investors,” said Jordan, who joined the financing round of his former NBA competitor Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Team Liquid is one of the most successful teams in eSport. According to Forbes, at $200 million, it is the most valuable eSport team after Cloud9 ($310 million) and Team SoloMid ($250 million).

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